Taboo's mother is from a swedish bloodline you will find  rare in middle-europe, and her grandfather is the famous
Huszár v. Sissy-Haus from our own breeding.

Taboo has a wonderful coat from her svedish mother, and also the temper: calm, queit and selfsure.

She is often winner in shows due to her wonderful coat, strong bones and not forget about her perfekt anatomy. She is a hungarian leonberger-female breed in Hungary who could won the open class in a special show in Leonberg.

This time will be the first and last chanse to get puppies from her, so we are really excited and waiting for the result.

Viking comes in 3. generation out of our own breeding, and his father comes from maybe the best and oldest german kennel.

He has a wonderful coloured red coat with a perfekt black mask and wunderful dark eyes. His temper is always chirpy, joyful and very attentiv.

Last year he has won the open class of the hungarian specialshow by specialjudge R.Pleibel due to his fantastic movement. His mother S-Klasse also has won the youth-class in Leonberg.

After Viking  one litter is already born, he seems to inherite his good qualities strongly.

Gullfaxi Löwe v. Walhall

Gullefjuns Baldlus

Kansas v. Welland

  S-Klasse v. Sissy-Haus     


Photos from the first week here   :-)


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